Sugar Secrets from Disney Restaurant Chef Raglan Road

Ever wonder how chefs at the Disney Restaurants create those fancy-schmancy garnishes on desserts? Chef Kevin Dundon from Raglan Road Irish Pub & Restaurant (recently sighted at his Downtown Disney restaurant on a visit from the Emerald Isle), shows us how he adds a caramel flourish to a simple bowl of ice cream. And with just one ingredient, it’s easier than you think.

Dundon starts by melting white sugar in a saucepan over low heat. White sugar, that’s it. As the sugar melts, it turns brown and looks a little like honey. Be careful not to burn it. He then takes a spoon and creates free-form swirls of the caramelized sugar on parchment paper.

Once the caramel hardens

, carefully peel it away from the parchment and you’ve got an elegant topper. Take a look! And, as we say, eat dessert first.  Click here to watch the Disney Restaurant video from Disney Parks.

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