PizzeRizzo at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Disney’s Hollywood Studios has added a new addition to their dining lineup. The brand new PizzeRizzo which is located in the Muppets courtyard. It is a quick service location so no need for reservations. The official grand opening was on on November 18

, 2016. It replaced the former Toy Story Pizza Planet. The location and theming come together and tie into the Muppets theme nicely with Rizzo the Rat. If you were looking for a total Muppet transformation that is not the case. Here you will find subtle touches in the details. On the walls there are photos showcasing some of the most popular Muppets. PizzeRizzo serves a simple menu with a variety of pizza, salads and desserts. The outside facade is a typical brick building and resembles Mama Melrose which is located near by.


The exterior features a nod to the former Pizza Planet with the sign that reads the best pizza on the planet.  On the outside brick walls there are references painted that read: Tomato loading zone or You got the dough we got the cheese. If you are in the Muppets courtyard you won’t have a hard time finding PizzeRizzo with all of the lit up signs that say Pizza. There is even a fire escape that is left over from the former streets of America which ties into the New York vibe. As PizzeRizzo is set in New York City.

Upon entering the restaurant you will notice that it is decorated similar to Mama Melrose with the color scheme, resembling a classic Italian eatery. The tile floor is red, green, black and white. There are six stations to order your food from which will speed up the process during the peak lunch and dinner rush. On the walls inside you can see photo’s of the Rizzo Family and their many adventures. Along with framed photographs of the timeline from when the Rizzo family traveled over from Italy to New York City and began serving pizza to the world. Many of the street signs showcased inside are also from the old streets of America area of the park. You should have no problem finding a table as the seating is plentiful. Inside, outside and upstairs with additional seating on the outdoor terrace. You will be happy to know there are also fans outside too to help circulate the air making it a nice touch to help with the hot Florida heat.

My favorite room upstairs was by far the Deluxe Supreme Banquet Hall. Sit back and enjoy a wedding reception where somebody got married. Prior to entering the room you will see the fun Marquee sign that reads as follows: Gil & Lil daughter of Will & Jill and son of Phil and Bill. BYOBP (Which means bring your own beverage and pizza). The decor in this room is completely different from the rest of the restaurant. Fancy silver sparkled curtains and red drapes hang from the windows and ceiling.

Beautiful glass chandeliers sparkle nicely from above. Even the tables and chairs in the banquet room are fancier than the booths and tables found in the other areas. As you come up the steps to the second level you will hear the music and lights flickering. Inside the banquet room you can also listen to the world’s best party play mix to keep you entertained. So if you enjoy listening to music you should head on upstairs to the banquet room. The flooring makes it look like there is an actual dance floor made of wood in the center of the room. On the outside of the dance floor is what looks like a green marble floor, which gives a fun contrast to show you the dance floor. You can’t actually dance as there are tables set up on what they consider the dance floor. It is all in the details when it comes to PizzeRizzo’s decor, so take the time to look around when you are dining. The walls have colored flickering lights that blink on a white trellis. Giving you the ambiance of being at at a real party. You also can’t miss the giant Disco Ball spinning from the ceiling, scattering lights throughout the room. If you choose to dine upstairs but not in the banquet room it is similar to the tables and booths on the lower level.



As for the food at PizzeRizzo it is pretty much the same menu that was at Pizza Planet. Not the best pizza in the world but it falls in line with all of Disney’s quick service dining locations. It’s not just pizza


, all of the entrees are served with a side Caesar salad, and include personal-sized Pizza pies, available in four varieties – vegetable, pepperoni, meat lovers and cheese. They also offer a meatball sub. If you are looking for a lighter option try the antipasto salad features a bed of romaine lettuce piled high with tomatoes, mozzarella, kalamata olives, ham, pepperoni, salami and balsamic vinaigrette dressing. For dessert you will find traditional italian sweets like Cannoli and Tiramisu. They also offer a few specialty drinks including a non-alcoholic peach bellini and a wild berry-basil lemonade limoncello (with alcohol). They also serve beer and wine too.

Overall I thought they did a nice job with the new PizzeRizzo restaurant. The food is good for a quick bite to eat for lunch or dinner. I would definitely recommend dining upstairs. Either in the Supreme Banquet Hall or on the outside terrace. The theme is not over powering but it has little touches of the Muppets throughout. If you have the time walk around at the shadow boxes and bulletin boards. It will tie into the Muppets theme and backstory of the Rizzo family. So if you are looking for pizza when visiting Disney’s Hollywood Studios then give PizzeRizzo a try.

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