‘Ohana Dinner Review

Welcome to another Disney food review folks!  This week I’ve decided that we will take a tour through my family’s favorite table service restaurant, Ohana!   Ohana is located at the gorgeous  Polynesian resort.  It’s just a short monorail ride from select resorts and the Magic Kingdom.  Always remember Ohana means family and when you walk into this restaurant you are the family.  This is a must do every trip according to my husband.  Now, we haven’t been to every restaurant on property, but of those that we have been to this one is the absolute favorite.  When we check in for our meal

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, we love to go sit in the bar and have a lapu lapu.  This is a refreshing drink (especially in the summer).  I don’t know what’s in it, but I would suggest having only one.  Otherwise, you’ll have to have someone carry you out of there.  Trust me

Once our table is ready, we’re escorted by our server right past the grill.  Our senses are awakened as we are guided to our seat for the meal.

We can’t wait to get to the table!  For starters they bring you out a salad, broccoli, lo mein noodles, sticky wings, and pot stickers.  I promise with the appetizers alone you will stuff yourselves silly.  Oh, I almost forgot the bread.  If you resist filling up on both of these then you’re in for a real treat.

Who can resist the sticky wings and pot stickers!  Not my family.  I’ll tell you that I don’t have pictures of the skewers of meat (chicken, steak, shrimp, and Asian barbeque pork loin), because the entire table goes silent, and the camera is put away so we can get our grub on!  Be careful, if you get a late reservation, they are trying to get rid of all of the meat and will empty the skewers on your plate.  Seriously, you can hurt yourself with a late reservation.  One plus with a late reservation is the fact that if seated in the right place you can watch Wishes from the Magic Kingdom.  You can also watch the electrical parade from your seat.

Doesn’t really matter what time your reservation is for at Ohana because the atmosphere here is the best!  Besides the scenery there is also authentic Polynesian entertainment throughout your meal.  There is a singer who invites all of the kids, and anyone celebrating a birthday, anniversary, or any other event out on the floor to do a dance around the restaurant.  Everyone gets leis to commemorate the occasion.

The prices are $35.14-$39.40 for adults and $17.03-$19.16 for kids ages 3-9.  If you’re on the dining plan

, this will cost you one table service credit.

Seriously, if you haven’t already tried this place, you must try it on your next trip.  I know that you will agree with my review when you do.  So, until next week, I’ll end by saying, see ya real soon!

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