Mickeyroni & Cheese at the Walt Disney World Resort

It is not surprising that the Walt Disney World Resort has the best macaroni and cheese in the world.  Disney World serves macaroni and cheese to millions of children each year.  Since children do eat alot of macaroni and cheese, Disney Chefs actually created several entrees of macaroni and cheese and had a child focus group pick the best one.  The favorite choice is the macaroni and cheese that Disney World serves at all of the Disney restaurants.

Now, you can buy this delicious receipe to take home and cook in your own kitchen.  Disney has boxed Mickeyroni and Cheese that you can purchase at the World of Disney Store at Downtown Disney.  This macaroni and cheese features the same great recipe you will find at Disney

, but the pasta is in the shape of Mickey Mouse heads.  Your kids will love it!  The price is a little steep for macaroni and cheese at $3.95 per box, but it is a fun way to remember your Disney World vacation.

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