Guest Review Whispering Canyon Cafe

When we went to Disney we did the dining plan (which we loved by the way) and had advance reservations for the Whispering Canyon Cafe. We had never been there and wasn’t sure what to expect but let me tell you it was by far one of my favorite dining experiences. My kids loved it.

It is located inside the Disney Wilderness Lodge and it provides a family style BBQ dinner that was excellent. Apparently they also do breakfast which we didn’t do but would definitely give it try based on our first experience with Dinner. The also have burgers and other standard American cuisine. I must say it was a bit on the pricey side as with any Disney Restaurant but it was included in the dining plan so it didn’t matter too much to us.

The really cool thing about this restaurant is the experience itself. The waiters and waitresses are “less than polite” to you and your group. They give you coloring papers but forget to give you crayons and when you tell the waiter he hollers out to the whole restaurant that they need crayons and next thing you know your child has a hundred crayons sitting on the table in front of them. The same thing happens with the ketchup….I wont give away all the secrets but the waitstaff makes sure your dining experience is very comical.

In summary

, I would say this restaurant is a 4 star in terms of Disney Dining and will make a stop here at each trip to Disney.

Thank You Tracie Vandermeulen for the Restaurant Review

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