Guest Review Marrakesh Morrocco

We ate at Restaurant Marrakesh in September 2010.  We are still talking about the wonderful experience to this day.  We arrive a little early for our reservation, and we were seated promptly.  There were 4 adults in our party and we were given a table right next to the stage.   As soon as we were seated, our waiter came over and took our drink orders.  We were then given a plate of breads and hummus.  The hummus was fabulous!  The hummus was creamy and very flavorful with a drizzle of olive oil over the top and Greek olives in the middle of the dish.  While we looked over the menu, the waiter came over to see if we had any questions.  And gave his recommendations on what we should order.
We each ordered something different so we all could share.  We had the Lemon Chicken

, beef kabobs, lamb meshoui and the chicken couscous.   All of the dishes were wonderful and delicious in their own way.  The lemon chicken was moist and tasty and the roasted vegetables on the side were done perfectly.  The beef kabobs were tender and so full of flavor.  They were just wonderful.  The chicken couscous was very good as well, although I do remember it being a little on the dry side for couscous.  The best dish by far was the lamb meshoui.  It was amazing! It was so flavorful and tender and moist.  And the eggplant puree that came with it was divine.  It melted in your mouth!!

For dessert we ordered the baklava and the bastilla.  The baklava was good, but nothing extraordinary about it.  The bastilla on the other hand was fabulous.  So flaky and sweet and it had a rosewater cream sauce on it.  It was so delicious; we were fighting over the last couple of bites!
While we were eating dessert the floor show started.  It was a lot of fun.  The musicians were great and the belly dancer was fun to watch.  Some of the kids at the other tables were asked to go and dance with her and they went up there and looked like they were having a ball.  It was a fun show for sure!!
I would say that Restaurant Marrakesh is a wonderful, underappreciated dining experience in Epcot!  People shouldn’t be afraid that it is too exotic or too spicy.  The spices they use are mild and rich and very satisfying.  The cast members were so friendly and very attentive.  Restaurant Marrakesh is on our must-do list every trip!!

Thank You Amy Ross for the Restaurant Review

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