D-Luxe Burger Review

On my last visit to Orlando I had a chance to dine at the new D-Luxe Burger Restaurant for lunch located in Disney Springs. D-Luxe Burger Review.


Located in Town Center in between the Lime and Orange garages. The menu mainly consists of burgers hence the name. They also offer a few different dipping sauces to compliment your burger or fries.  Also on the menu is a chicken or veggie burger for anyone that does not prefer red meat. It looks like the inside of a barn with the classic wood theme. They offer seating inside and outside overlooking the springs.

IMG_4143 (1).JPG

(D-Luxe Burger Menu)

I wanted to keep it simple and asked for a Classic Cheese Burger. I thought it would be nice to add an onion ring to my burger. They said that is fine you are allowed to add one item extra. So that worked out perfect. I asked for it medium well and it was cooked perfectly. Still hot and juicy throughout which was nice and not bloody. It had a nice ripe tomato and crisp lettuce. The french fries were well done cut with the skin on.


(Classic Cheeseburger with an Onion Ring)

IMG_4130 (2).JPG


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They have condiments and a fountain soda machine that is self service serving Coke products. We placed our order and waited about 10 minutes as they cook the burgers to order. We were given a buzzer and you pick up your food on the side window.  While sitting at our table I noticed that most of the tables that were located next to a wall had an outlet with charging ports if you wanted to charge your cell phones while you eat you can.  So this is a great feature since we are all living in a mobile world and we can always use a fresh charge to our cell phones. It usually takes about 45 minutes to dine so that is plenty of time to get a little extra power for your cell phone.

IMG_4128 (1).JPG


IMG_4127 (1).JPG




IMG_4126 (1).JPG


IMG_4129 (1).JPG

Our overall experience was an A+. The order process was easy

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, the food was cooked perfect, the wait was typical as they cook the burgers to order. So if you are looking for a great burger make sure to dine at D-Luxe Burger at Disney Springs. Here is a copy of the  New Disney Springs Map to see what’s new and exciting. I will definitely go back again.

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