BEST Disney Counter Service Restaurants

Happy Friday everybody!  Hope you had a magical week.  Today’s topic will be my favorite counter service restaurants in each park.  The places I’ve chosen offer more than just your typical burger, and chicken tenders.  There are a lot of counter service options in WDW that cater to everyone’s taste buds.  My son is a vegetarian, so looking for the restaurants that offer more than just salads, and fried food can be a challenge.

Magic Kingdom – Now I know that a lot of people like Cosmic Rays Starlight Café.  I do too.  But my favorite place here is Columbia Harbour House.   When I’m in WDW I try to eat as healthy as I can.  That’s why I always opt for the lighthouse sandwich.  It’s a hummus

, tomato with broccoli slaw, served on a multi grain bread.  It may not sound good, but it is yummy.  When it’s cold I have the clam chowder.  Now, I’m from the South, so I don’t know if it measures up to my Northern friends standards, but I think it’s pretty good.  On our last trip, I did notice that a lobster roll was added to the menu.  I’m thinking I may need to try this.  Again, not sure what it should taste like, but I bet it’s good.  My youngest is a vegetarian, and he likes this place as well because as he puts it…it doesn’t smell like meat and there is , more than just a salad here for him to enjoy.  I did notice as well that they added couscous to the menu.  He’ll be excited about that.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios – The ABC Commissary is our counter service of choice here.  My girls, 22, and 21 (yes, they still tag along almost every time we go), are all about the burgers here.    They love the angus cheeseburger with the one fried shrimp on top.  As for me

, I love the Asian salad.  It is huge, and very filling.  Along with the normal salad, they add edamame and ginger and top it with an Asian dressing.  The only vegetarian offering here is the salad, fried fish and desert.  So, since he doesn’t eat fried foods, he opts for the salad.  Okay, in my intro to this week’s topic I said that I chose places that offer more than your typical burger and chicken tenders, this is not the case here.  But this restaurant does have kosher meals upon request.

Epcot – While there are a TON of counter service options in Epcot.  We actually have two favorites here.  Who doesn’t love Sunshine Seasons???  There are a ton of options here to satisfy any appetite.  Chinese, soup and salad, sandwiches, wood fire grilled food.  If we’re hungry when we arrive (because the first place everybody goes is into is Soarin; right?) , after we either ride Soarin or get our fast passes, we’ll head over here and eat a bite while we wait for our comeback time.  If we’re not hungry and can wait until we get to the World Showcase, we like to stop over at Tangierine Café.  My son prefers to wait for this spot to eat.  Even though I have 2 favorites, can I add the Funnel Cake kiosk as a favorite too?  I mean this is considered a meal right.  If not, it should be.

Animal Kingdom – We love Flame Tree BBQ in Animal Kingdom.  I swear this could be a table service, there is so much food.  We’re usually in Animal Kingdom early because as everyone knows it gets hot, hot, hot here.  It’s always an early lunch here.  The spices in their special rub and BBQ sauce is amazing. (I have the recipe, by the way…tee hee)  Again, though it’s so much food, be hungry when you eat.  Otherwise, you will waste a ton of food.

Downtown Disney –     I’m not real sure if there are any other counter service restaurants in DTD other than Earl of Sandwich???  Of course I know there are other options, but Earl of Sandwich is the only place we visit here.  Nom, nom, nom is all I can say.  We don’t just have one item here.  We love the place so much that we switch it up every time we go and have never been disappointed.  If you go during a holiday, there are also holiday specific sandwiches.  Be prepared to wait in line during any season.  This place is always crowded.

So these are my choices at each park and DTD.  I know I left out the water parks

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, because when we go we only eat ice cream.  It is fun in the sun!  What do you think?  What are your favorite counter service restaurants?  Leave a comment and let us know.  So until next week, I’ll end by saying, see ya real soon J

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