Chef Restivo at Via Napoli Shares Secrets

Take a look at this Epcot Restaurant video with Via Napoli Chef Charlie Restivo pizza man extraordinaire. He shares the restaurant’s secrets — the water; imported flour tomatoes and cheese; and hand-stretching the dough. His pizza is crisp in two minutes — with the ovens cranked up over 700°F that’s still surprisingly quick.

Via Napoli is one of the newest Epcot Restaurants a Walt Disney World.  You can enjoy pizza, salads, hot Italian dishes, and sweet desserts all in the middle of Italy at Epcot.  If you are planning a visit to Disney World, be sure you book your lunch or dinner at Via Napoli.

Contact Destinations in Florida Travel if you need help booking your vacation or selecting Epcot Restaurants.  They have dined at this restaurant many times (including being some of the first guests to dine at Via Napoli at the Grand Opening).  They know the best entrees and desserts for every taste!

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